Computer Science
    COIS701.Fundamentals of Software Engineering
    COIS702.Computer Communications and Networks
    COIS704.Current Development in Database
    COIS705.Computer Science Seminar
    COIS706.Compiler Construction
    COIS707.Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    COIS708.Complexity Theory
    COIS709.Formal Methods in Software Engineering
    COIS710.Discrete System Simulation
    COIS711.Computer System Performance Modeling
    COIS712.Computer Graphics - Principles and Systems
    COIS713.Principles and Applications of Artificial Intelligence
    COIS714.Advanced Topics in Computer Science
    COIS715.Advanced Topics in Computer Science I
    COIS716.Advanced Topics in Computer Science II (Data Visualization-principles and practice)
    COIS717.Principles and Applications of Concurrent Programming
    COIS718.Advances in Pattern Recognition
    COIS720.Web Mining
    COIS722.Distributed Computing
    COIS723.Applied Natural Language Processing
    COIS724.Big Data Processing and Analysis
    COIS725.Introduction to Business Process Management
    COIS726.Information Technology Project Management
    COIS727.Structural Bioinformatics
    COIS797.Applied Thesis
    COIS798.Academic Thesis
E-Commerce Technology
    ECOM701.Information Systems Development Methodologies
    ECOM702.Computer Networks and Internet
    ECOM703.Distributed Database Management
    ECOM704.Fundamental of E-Commerce
    ECOM705.Internet Programming and Java Technology
    ECOM706.Data Warehousing
    ECOM707.Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
    ECOM708.Advanced Computer Graphics and Multimedia
    ECOM709.Internet Security and Cryptography
    ECOM710.Electronic Payment Systems
    ECOM711.Smart Card Technology and Applications
    ECOM712.Legal Issues of IT and E-Commerce
    ECOM713.Topics in E-Commerce (e-Business Analytics)
    ECOM714.Topics in E-Commerce (Electronic Marketplace)
    ECOM715.Topics in E-Commerce (E-Business Intergration Technology)
    ECOM717.Fundamentals of Business Process Management
    ECOM718.Discrete System Simulation
    ECOM797.Applied Thesis
    ECOM798.Academic Thesis