Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Chair Professors

Cheng-Zhong XU, Ph.D. (須成忠)
Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology, IEEE Fellow
Interim Director of Institute of Collaborative Innovation

Email: czxu
Tel: (853) 8822-4195 Location: E11-4043a
Research interests:
Big Data in Smart City, Cloud Computing, Data-driven Intelligence, Connected Autonomous Vehicles, Distributed Systems and Blockchains, and Parallel Systems Support for AI Applications.
C. L. Philip CHEN, Ph.D. (陳俊龍)
IEEE Fellow, AAAS Fellow, IAPR Fellow, CAA Fellow, HKIE Fellow, IASCYS Academician
Email: philipchen
Tel: (853) 8822-4950 Location: E11-4043a
Research interests:
Computational intelligence, Intelligent Learning Systems, Information Security, Man-machine Interaction, Data Communication and Networking, Information Assurance, Diagnosis and Prognosis.

Distinguished Professor

Jerome YEN, Ph.D. (顏至宏)
Email: jeromeyen
Tel: (853) 8822-4858 Location: N1-1001
Research interests:
FinTech and Blockchain, Financial Engineering and Algo Trading, Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Zhiguo GONG, Ph.D. (鞏志國)
Head of Department of Computer and Information Science
Email: fstzgg
Tel: (853) 8822-4962 Location: E11-4011
Research interests:
Machine Learning, Data Mining, Database, and Information Retrieval.

Associate Professors

Long CHEN, Ph.D. (陳龍)
Email: longchen
Tel: (853) 8822-8459 Location: E11-4014
Research interests:
Systems Modeling and Optimization, ITS, CPS, CPSS, Computational Intelligence, Bayesian Analysis, Kernel Method, Data Mining and Machine Learning.
Simon FONG James, Ph.D. (方正天)
Email: ccfong
Tel: (853) 8822-4460 Location: E11-4023
Research interests:
Data mining, E-Commerce Technology, IT Applications, E-Governance, Mobile Commerce, Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Knowledge Management, Dynamic Supply Chains, Computer Networks, Security and Fraud Detection.
Jingzhi GUO, Ph.D. (過競志)
Email: jzguo
Tel: (853) 8822-4360 Location: E11-4017
Research interests:
E-Business Engineering, Semantic Integration, Electronic and Virtual Marketplaces, Collaborative Commerce, Document Engineering, E-Payment Systems, Multilingual Business Systems.
Chi Man PUN, Ph.D. (潘治文)
Email: cmpun
Tel: (853) 8822-4369 Location: E11-4091
Research interests:
Information Security, Forensic and Privacy for Multimedia; Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.
Yain Whar SI, Lawrence, Ph.D. (池英華)
Email: fstasp
Tel: (853) 8822-4454 Location: E11-4022
Research interests:
Financial Technology (FinTech), Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Information Visualization, Business Process Management.
Leong Hou U, Ryan, Ph.D. (余亮豪)
Interim Head of Centre for Data Science
Email: ryanlhu
Tel: (853) 8822-4493 Location: E11-4021
Research interests:
Spatial and Spatiotemporal Databases, Multidimensional Databases, Advanced Query Processing, Information Retrieval, Web Mining, Optimization Problems, Mixture Model.
Chi Man VONG, Matthew, Ph.D. (黃志文)
Associate Head of Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Email: cmvong
Tel: (853) 8822-4357 Location: E11-4013
Research interests:
Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Learning Systems, Prediction & Diagnosis.
Fai WONG, Ph.D. (黃輝)
Email: derekfw
Tel: (853) 8822-4478 Location: E11-4010
Research interests:
Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Bilingual Syntax Modeling, Synchronous Parsing, Machine Learning, Language Acquisition.
Yuan WU, Ph.D. (吳遠)
Email: yuanwu
Tel: (853) 8822-4395 Location: N21-5021-4
Research interests:
Wireless Communications and Networking, Internet of Things, Green Networking and Computing, Convergence of Communications and Computing, Smart Grid and Energy Informatics
Dingqi YANG, Ph.D. (楊丁奇)
Email: dingqiyang
Tel: (853) 8822-9971 Location: N21-5011f
Research interests:
Urban Big Data and Intelligent Technology
Yibo Bob ZHANG, Ph.D. (張一博)
Email: bobzhang
Tel: (853) 8822-4425 Location: E11-4093
Research interests:
Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Medical Image Analysis.
Jiantao ZHOU, Ph.D. (周建濤)
Interim Head of Centre for Artificial Intelligence
Email: jtzhou
Tel: (853) 8822-4495 Location: E11-4089
Research interests:
Multimedia Forensics and Security, Multimedia Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
Yicong ZHOU, Ph.D. (周怡聰)
Email: yicongzhou
Tel: (853) 8822-8458 Location: E11-4012
Research interests:
Multimedia Security, Image/Signal Processing, Medical Imaging, Object Recognition, Digital Filter Design.

Assistant Professors

Huanle XU, Ph.D. (徐歡樂)
Email: huanlexu
Tel: (853) 8822-8471 Location: E11-4019
Research interests:
Distributed Algorithms, Big Data Systems, Machine Learning.
Qiwen XU, DPhil. (徐啟文)
Email: qwxu
Tel: (853) 8822-4377 Location: E11-4024
Research interests:
Formal Methods, Concurrent Programming, Distributed Systems, Real Time Scheduling, Embedded Systems, Transactional Systems.
Xiaowei WU, Ph.D. (吳曉偉)
Email: xiaoweiwu
Tel: (853) 8822-8064 Location: N21-1012d
Research interests:
Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithmic Game Theory and Data Mining, Online Matching Problems, Dynamic Data Structure, Truthful Mechanism Design and Graph Clustering Problems.
Liming ZHANG, Ph.D. (張立明)
Email: lmzhang
Tel: (853) 8822-8467 Location: E11-4016
Research interests:
Image Processing, Signal Processing, Computer Vision, IT in Education.

Senior Instructors

Miguel GOMES DA COSTA Junior, M.Ba., M.Sc
Email: mcosta
Tel: (853) 8822-4378 Location: E11-4088
Research interests:
Data Mining, Web Mining, Information Retrieval, Information Systems, Information Visualization, Knowledge Management.
Teng LAM, M.Sc. (林定)
Email: tlam
Tel: (853) 8822-4580 Location: E11-4086
Research interests:
Computer Graphics, Human Interfaces, Data Visualization, Multi-touch Devices, Gesture Input Application.
Kam Hou VAT, Ph.D. (屈鑑濠)
Former Associate Master, Shiu Pong College (SPC)
Email: fstkhv
Tel: (853) 8822-4476, (853) 66501747 Location: E11-4087
Research interests:
Soft Systems Methodology with Scenario-based Design in Systems Architecting and Virtual Organizing for Learning Organizations, Constructivist Design of Virtual Learning Environments, Rationale Management in Collaborative Software development.

Emeritus Chair Professor

Yuan Yan TANG, Ph.D. (唐遠炎)
IEEE Fellow, IAPR Fellow
Email: yytang
Tel: (853) 8822-8473 Location: E11-4094
Research interests:
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Knowledge and Data Engineering, Wavelet and Multiresolution Analysis, Information Security, Chinese Computing.

Emeritus Professor

Enhua WU, Ph.D. (吳恩華)
Fellow CCF(China Computer Federation)
Email: ehwu
Tel: (853) 8822-4953 Location: E11-4009
Research interests:
Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Realistic Image Synthesis, Scientific and Data Visualization, Physically Based Simulation and Rendering.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Weng In SIU, Shirley, Ph.D. (蕭詠然)
Email: shirleysiu
Tel: (853) 8822-4452 Location: E11-4025
Research interests:
Bioinformatics, Protein-Protein and Protein-Ligand Interactions, Lipid Force Fields Development, Molecular Modeling and Simulations, Machine Learning

Visiting Lecturer

Hou Pong CHAN, Ken, Ph.D. (陳浩邦)
Email: hpchan
Tel: (853) 8822-8755 Location: E11-4008
Research interests:
Text summarization, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and machine learning.