Computer Science
    CISC7001.Fundamentals of Software Engineering
    CISC7002.Computer Communications and Networks
    CISC7004.Current Development in Database
    CISC7005.Computer Science Seminar
    CISC7006.Compiler Construction
    CISC7007.Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    CISC7008.Complexity Theory
    CISC7009.Formal Methods in Software Engineering
    CISC7010.Discrete System Simulation
    CISC7011.Computer System Performance Modeling
    CISC7012.Computer Graphics - Principles and Systems
    CISC7013.Principles of Artificial Intelligence
    CISC7014.Advanced Topics in Computer Science
    CISC7015.Advanced Topics in Computer Science I
    CISC7016.Advanced Topics in Computer Science II
    CISC7017.Principles and Applications of Concurrent Programming
    CISC7018.Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
    CISC7019.Web Mining
    CISC7020.Distributed Computing
    CISC7021.Applied Natural Language Processing
    CISC7022.Big Data Processing and Analysis
    CISC7023.Introduction to Business Process Management
    CISC7996.Applied Thesis
    CISC7999.Academic Thesis
E-Commerce Technology
    CISC7101.Information Systems Development Methodologies
    CISC7102.Computer Networks and Internet
    CISC7103.Distributed Database Management
    CISC7105.Internet Programming and Java Technology
    CISC7106.Data Warehousing
    CISC7107.Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
    CISC7108.Advanced Computer Graphics and Multimedia
    CISC7109.Internet Security and Cryptography
    CISC7110.Electronic Payment Systems
    CISC7111.Smart Card Technology and Applications
    CISC7112.Legal Issues of IT and E-Commerce
    CISC7113.Topics in E-Commerce
    CISC7114.Topics in E-Commerce (Electronic Marketplace)
    CISC7115.Topics in E-Commerce (E-Business Integration Technology)
    CISC7116.Fundamentals of Business Process Management
    CISC7117.Discrete System Simulation
    CISC7196.Applied Thesis
    CISC7199.Academic Thesis