B.Sc. Courses (From 2011/2012)

CISB110.Programming Science
CISB111.Discrete Structures
CISB112.Information Technology, Professionalism, and Ethics
CISB120.Algorithms and Data Structures I
CISB121.Digital Systems
CISB122.Probability and Statistics
CISB210.Algorithms and Data Structures II
CISB211.Computer Organization
CISB212.Numerical Methods and Computation
CISB220.Compiler Construction
CISB221.Introduction to Database Systems
CISB222.Principles of Operating Systems
CISB250.Human-computer Interaction
CISB251.Object- Oriented Analysis and Design Patterns
CISB310.Computer Networks
CISB350.Advanced Operating Systems
CISB351.Advanced Database Systems
CISB352.Computer Based Simulation
CISB353.Formal Languages and Automata
CISB354.Programming Language
CISB355.Computer Graphics
CISB356.Distributed Computer Systems
CISB357.Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
CISB358.Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
CISB359.Information Systems Analysis and Design
CISB360.Internship I
CISB361.Internship II
CISB362.Systems and Networks
CISB363.Information Retrieval and Web Mining
CISB364.Data Visualization
CISB365.Multimedia Computing
CISB410.Final Year Project
CISB450.Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CISB451.Fundamentals of Pattern Recognition
CISB452.Groupware Systems
CISB453.Internship III
CISB454.Introduction to Natural Language Processing
CISB456.Queue and Scheduling
CISB457.Software Engineering Principles
CISB458.Software Project Management
CISB459.Special Topics in Computer and Information Science I (Virtual Reality and Digital Entertainment)
CISB460.Formal Methods in Software Engineering
CISB461.Information Security
CISB462.Introduction to Electronic Commerce
CISB463.Logic for Computer Science
CISB464.Organization and Management
CISB465.Professional in Software Engineering
CISB466.Special Topics in Computer and Information Science II
MATB110.Calculus I (CIS)
MATB120.Calculus II (CIS)
MATB210.Engineering Mathematics I
MATB220.Engineering Mathematics II