ECOT001.Introduction to Economics
EELC111.English for Engineering I
EELC112.English for Engineering II
ELEC110.Digital Systems I
ELEC210.Digital Systems II (CIS)
MATH101.Mathematical Analysis I
MATH102.Mathematical Analysis II
MATH103.Linear Algebra
MATH111.Probability and Statistics
MATH200.Mathematical Analysis III (CIS)
MATH201.Mathematical Analysis IV (CIS)
MATH207.Numerical Methods and Computation
SFTW100.Computers in Modern Society
SFTW101.Computers in Modern Society
SFTW110.Discrete Structures
SFTW111.Algorithms and Data Structures I
SFTW120.Programming Science
SFTW122.Operational Research I
SFTW210.Algorithms and Data Structures II
SFTW221.Operational Research II
SFTW223.Formal Languages and Automata
SFTW230.Systems and Networks I
SFTW231.Operating Systems I
SFTW241.Programming Languages Architecture I
SFTW300.Software Psychology
SFTW301.Computer Graphics
SFTW320.Queue and Scheduling
SFTW330.Operating Systems II
SFTW331.Distributed Systems
SFTW341.Compiler Construction
SFTW342.Programming Languages Architecture II
SFTW350.Organization Management
SFTW351.Information Systems Analysis and Design
SFTW360.Artificial Intelligence I
SFTW370.Database Systems I
SFTW371.Database Systems II
SFTW372.Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Patterns
SFTW373.Special Topics in Computer and Information Science I (First Semester)
SFTW373.Special Topics in Computer and Information Science I (Second Semester)
SFTW420.Computer Based Simulation
SFTW422.Logic and Computability
SFTW424.Introduction to Pattern Recognition
SFTW430.Systems and Networks II
SFTW440.Software Engineering Principles
SFTW450.Introduction to Management Concepts
SFTW451.Distributed Computer Systems
SFTW452.Groupware Systems
SFTW453.Digital Image Processing
SFTW454.Special Topics in Computer and Information Science II -
Virtual Reality and Digital Entertainment
SFTW461.Artificial Intelligence II
SFTW462.Introduction to Natural Language Processing
SFTW463.Data Visualization
SFTW497.Software Project Management
SFTW498.Information Security