Ph.D. Courses (Before 2014/2015)

COIS800.Advanced Computer Graphics and Virtual Simulation
COIS801.Advanced Topics in Computer Science 1 (Image Processing and Pattern Recognition)
COIS802.Advances in Pattern Recognition
COIS803.Business Process Management
COIS804.Computer Networks
COIS805.Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
COIS806.Data Visualization
COIS807.Discrete System Simulation
COIS808.Fundamental of E-Commerce
COIS809.Internet Security and Cryptography
COIS810.Machine Translation
COIS811.Principles and Applications and Artificial Intelligence
COIS812.Principles and Applications of Concurrent Programming
COIS813.Research Issues in E-Business Integration
COIS814.Research Issues in Electronic Marketplace
COIS815.Research Issues in E- Payment System
COIS816.Research Issues in Smart Card Systems
COIS817.Transaction Processing and Distributed Databases
COIS818.Virtual Reality and Digital Entertainment
COIS819.Web Information Searching and Mining
COIS820.Advanced Engineering Mathematics
COIS821.Engineering Optimization
COIS822.Statistical Methods in Engineering
COIS899.Doctoral Thesis
SCTE801.Research Methods