Compulsory Courses: Credits
SCTE801 Research Methods 3
COIS899 Doctoral Thesis 18
1 Elective Course from the following:  
COIS800 Advanced Computer Graphics and Virtual Simulation 3
COIS801 Advanced Topics in Computer Science 1 (Image Processing and Pattern Recognition) 3
COIS802 Advances in Pattern Recognition 3
COIS803 Business Process Management 3
COIS804 Computer Networks 3
COIS805 Data Mining and Decision Support Systems 3
COIS806 Data Visualization – Principles and Practice 3
COIS807 Discrete System Simulation 3
COIS808 Fundamental of E-Commerce 3
COIS809 Internet Security and Cryptography 3
COIS810 Machine Translation 3
COIS811 Principles and Applications and Artificial Intelligence 3
COIS812 Principles and Applications of Concurrent Programming 3
COIS813 Research Issues in E-Business Integration 3
COIS814 Research Issues in Electronic Marketplace 3
COIS815 Research Issues in E- Payment System 3
COIS816 Research Issues in Smart Card Systems 3
COIS817 Transaction Processing and Distributed Databases 3
COIS818 Virtual Reality and Digital Entertainment 3
COIS819 Web Information Searching and Mining 3
COIS820 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3
COIS821 Engineering Optimization 3
COIS822 Statistical Methods in Engineering 3
Total Credits: 24