Master of Science in Financial Technology

Master of Science in Financial Technology

The Master of Science in Financial Technology programme aims to prepare students to integrate technical expertise with financial knowledge to create innovative business or technical solutions for the fast-changing world. Students will learn essential skills through interdisciplinary courses, including Financial Technologies, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Statistics, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, etc.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • An ability to develop a balanced set of skills and competencies that encompass information technologies, financial innovations, analytical/modeling abilities, and a comprehensive understanding of legal and compliance aspects in FinTech, enabling the individual to become a socially responsible leader.
  • An ability to apply theoretical knowledge from textbooks and combine it with practical skills using relevant technologies to develop solutions for real-world business challenges through hands-on lab sessions.
  • An ability to develop the meta-learning skills, life-long learning attitude, as well as the ability to identify and solve problems, so that students will be able to track the advancement of technologies, business practices, as well as factors that might affect their development or adoption.
  • An ability to develop good soft skills and innovation mind that include innovative solution creation, presentation, negotiation, project management, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with the practitioners or commercial world to commercialize their solutions.
  • An ability to become a future multicultural and social responsible leader with global perspective and local insights.


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