Year I
Compulsory Courses:  
COIS701 Fundamentals of Software Engineering 3
COIS702 Computer Communications and Networks 3
COIS703 Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming 3
COIS704 Current Development in Database 3
COIS705 Computer Science Seminar 3
3 Elective Courses from the following: 9
COIS706 Compiler Construction 3
COIS707 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
COIS708 Complexity Theory 3
COIS709 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3
COIS710 Discrete System Simulation 3
COIS711 Computer System Performance Modeling 3
COIS712 Computer Graphics - Principles and Systems 3
COIS713 Principles and Applications of Artificial Intelligence 3
COIS714 Advanced Topics in Computer Science 3
COIS715 Advanced Topics in Computer Science I 3
COIS716 Advanced Topics in Computer Science II 3
COIS717 Principles and Applications of Concurrent Programming 3
COIS718 Advances in Pattern Recognition 3
COIS719 Machine Translation 3
COIS720 Web Mining 3
COIS721 Advanced Query Evaluation and Data Management Techniques 3
Total Credits: 24
Year II Thesis