Year I
Compulsory Courses:  
ECOM701 Information Systems Development Methodologies 3
ECOM702 Computer Networks and Internet 3
ECOM703 Distributed Database Management 3
ECOM704 Fundamental of E-Commerce 3
Elective Courses: 12
(Electives from group A and group B. Two electives minimum from group A and one or two electives from group B)  
(Group A)    
ECOM705 Internet Programming and Java Technology 3
ECOM706 Data Warehousing 3
ECOM707 Data Mining and Decision Support Systems 3
ECOM708 Advanced Computer Graphics and Multimedia 3
ECOM709 Internet Security and Cryptography 3
Any courses defined in MSc programme in Software Engineering 3
(Group B)    
ECOM710 Electronic Payment Systems 3
ECOM711 Smart Card Technology and Applications 3
ECOM712 Legal Issues of IT and E-Commerce 3
ECOM713 Topics in E-Commerce 3
Total Credits: 24
Year II Thesis