Two Chair Professors of Faculty of Science and Technology, UM have been elected as executive directors of the 9th Chinese Association of Automation Council

21 Jul 2011

Prof. C. L. Philip Chen, Dean of FST, and Prof. Yuan Yan Tang, Chair Professor of FST, were elected as executive directors of the 9th Chinese Association of Automation Council on 1st June 2011. There are 53 executive council directors totally in the council..

Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), is one of the earliest first-class national academic organizations in China. This association assembles all individuals and organizations that engage in automation and related scientific research, teaching, development, production and application. It is a voluntary, registered, academic, public welfare and popular scientific organization as well as one of the components of China Association for Science and Technology. The CAA has been glowing especially in the development of the following areas: research and application automation theory; automated equipment and new technology design, manufacture, testing; materials and automated handicraft; automated technologies and new products applicable to electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, mine, water conservancy, textile, architecture, agriculture, national defense system and other industries. Nowadays, there are 29 provincial associations, 24 professional committees, 7 working committees and around 30,000 members in CAA.


中國自動化學會(Chinese Association of Automation,縮寫CAA),是中國最早成立的國家一級學術群眾團體之一,是國內一級學會。她是由全國從事自動化及相關技術的科研、教學、開發、生產和應用的個人和單位自願結成的、依法登記成立的、具有學術性、公益性、科普性的全國性法人社會團體,是中國科學技術協會的組成部分,是發展我國自動化科技事業的重要社會力量。中國自動化學會的工作發展蓬勃,學會的專家領域涉及的範圍也越來越廣泛和細緻,包括:自動化理論的研究與應用;自動化新技術的研究開發與應用;自動化裝備與新產品的設計、製造、測試技術;自動化材料與自動化工藝;自動化技術與新產品在電力、冶金、化工、石油、交通、礦山、水利、輕紡、建築、農業、國防等系統及各工業領域中的應用。學會的組織機構也越來越專業化、科學化、規範化,現有29個省級學會,24個專業委員會,7個工作委員會, 會員數量近3萬人。