UM students win first prize at national postgraduate maths modelling contest

27 Dec 2019

UM students win a first prize at the National Postgraduate Mathematical Modelling Contest

A team of postgraduate students from the University of Macau (UM) won a first prize at the 16th National Postgraduate Mathematical Modelling Contest, ranking the team among the top 1 per cent of the 14,014 contesting teams.

Led by Associate Professor Vong Chi Man of the Faculty of Science and Technology, the UM team was formed by three master’s students, namely Jiang Xinyu, Dong Jiamei, and Guo Guoxiang.

At the competition, the students used different algorithms to analyse the global average surface temperature of the oceans, the historical weather data of Canada, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and data about other atmospheric constituents. Furthermore, an innovative global climate model was constructed to identify the relationship between extreme regional climate and global warming and to predict how climate will evolve over the next 25 years.

The National Postgraduate Mathematical Modelling Contest is one of the largest and most influential national postgraduate competition in the field. It is also part of the China Postgraduate Innovation & Practice Competitions (CPIPC) under the guidance of the Ministry of Education's Degree and Graduate Education Development Centre. A total of 14,014 teams from 486 domestic and foreign universities participated in this year’s contest, hitting a new high in the event’history.


澳大參賽團隊由澳大科技學院電腦及資訊科學系副主任黃志文指導,是次比賽中澳大團隊使用 了多種算法對全球海平面溫度、加拿大歷史天氣數據和空氣二氧化碳含量等大氣數據進行分析,構建了具有創新性的全球氣候模型,得出了局部極端氣候與全球變暖的關係,並對未來25年的氣候變化進行了預測。