Computer Science Students of UM won the champion in the IEEE Project Competition 2017

20 Jun 2017

Three undergraduate students from the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) of University of Macau, Choi Io Teng, Leong Chi Chong and Hong Ka Wo won the champion of the IEEE Project Competition 2017. Their awarded project title is “Indoor navigation by image recognition”.

Navigation in indoor environment is always a big challenge to achieve. Choi Io Teng, Leong Chi Chong and Hong Ka Wo proposed a method to use image recognition method to achieve indoor positioning and navigation. Their idea was inspired by the way how a human being recognizes a location: human identifies a location based on his or her own experience and vision system. Under the supervision of their project supervisor, Prof. Pun Chi Man, the Department Head of the Department of CIS, they decided to use computer vision and image feature database to achieve similar functions. Their proposed system collects real-time images from the handheld device camera. Through the image recognition process, the system can identify the user's current location and orientation in the indoor environment and then generate a route to destination to achieve navigation. Their system also integrates 3D object with the reality scene to provide an intuitive direction guide for the users to use.

The IEEE Project Competition 2017 was organized by University of Macau Student Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Incorporation. 6 projects were reviewed and examined in terms of practicality and creativity in the competition. The champion in this project competition was not only the recognition they earned, they earned public recognition by publishing a paper of the project in The 9th International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP 2017). Moreover, their project has also been selected as the best of the best Final Year Project among all 25 projects in the Computer Science major.



2017年度IEEE項目及作品比賽由電機暨電子工程師學會澳門大學學生分會舉辦。在比賽中, 評判對於6個作品的實用性和創造性方面進行了審查和評分。這個比賽的冠軍不是三位同學作品所獲得唯一的認可,他們亦都在第九屆國際數字圖像處理國際會議(ICDIP 2017)上發表了該項目的論文,獲得了公眾的認可。 此外他們的作品亦都在計算機科學專業所有25個項目中被選為2017年度的最佳項目。