AI Driven Smart City Development


The fast advances in AI (artificial intelligence) impose significant impacts on the world on all aspects. Smart sensing and big data analytics are emerging as the driving force to revolutionize our living in the era of information. This seminar presents the study of artificial intelligence for smart city development, in particular the integration of new portable/wearable devices/sensors with computing technologies for the applications to smart transportation and healthcare. A vision-based approach to anonymous vehicle re-identification (VRI) overcomes the limitations of the existing systems by the fusion of multiple features with learning capacity. The automated truck loading monitoring system is equipped with a portable vehicle-mounted multi-function tool kit to provide a wide range of services for real-time logistic management, environment protection and road safety control. The smart fetal monitoring belt is the first of its kind which integrates soft sensors, textile and information technologies to detect fetal movement and uterine contraction for personalized monitoring of fetal wellbeing with quantitative assessment safely, reliably, conveniently and cost effectively.

These projects are supported by the Hong Kong Government under the schemes of General Research Fund and Innovation Technology Fund together with industry sponsorship. The impact of the work is evidenced by the outputs including research publications, US patent, international awards, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.


Prof. Jane YOU
Department of Computing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

Date & Time

25 Mar 2019 (Monday) 11:00 - 12:00


E11-4045 (University of Macau)

Organized by

Department of Computer and Information Science


Jane You is currently a professor in the Department of Computing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is also the Associate Head of the department. Prof. You obtained her BEng. in Electronic Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1986 and Ph.D in Computer Science from La Trobe University, Australia in 1992. She was a lecturer at the University of South Australia and senior lecturer (tenured) at Griffith University from 1993 till 2002. Prof. You was awarded French Foreign Ministry International Postdoctoral Fellowship in 1993 and worked on the project on real-time object recognition and tracking at Universite Paris XI. She also obtained the Academic Certificate issued by French Education Ministry in 1994.

Prof. Jane You has worked extensively in the fields of image processing, medical imaging, computer-aided detection, pattern recognition. So far, she has more than 280 research papers published. She has been a principal investigator for several ITF (Innovation Technology Fund), and GRF (General Research Fund) projects supported by Hong Kong Government. Prof. You is a team member for three successful US patents and three awards including Hong Kong Government Industrial Awards. Her work on retinal imaging led to a US patent (2015), a technology transfer agreement (2011) and three international awards – Innovation Award of Excellence (Hong Kong, 2015), a Special Prize and Gold Medal with Jury’s Commendation at the 39th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (April 2011) and the second place of SPIE Medical Imaging’2009 Retinopathy Online Challenge (ROC’2009)). Her recent work on smart fetal monitoring was awarded the special prize and Silver Medal at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (April 2016) and led to a technology transfer agreement with a company for production (2018). Prof. You is also an associate editor of Pattern Recognition and other journals.