BSc in Computer Science (From 2018/2019)

BSc in Computer Science (From 2018/2019)

Year I

CISC1001 Programming Science 3
CISC1004 Introduction to Computer Science 3
CISC1006 Probability and Statistics 3
MATH1003 Intermediate Calculus 3
Languages & Skills*:  
EELC1001 Interactive English I 3
EELC1002 Interactive English II 3
CISC1000 Information Technology Fundamentals and Practices 3
CHLL1000 Chinese Language     or  
PORT1000 Portuguese Language 3
Community and Peer Education:  
CPED1000 Residential College Experiential Learning 1
CPED1001 Physical Education I 0.5
CPED1002 Physical Education II 0.5
General Education Courses:  
GEST1004 Quantitative Reasoning for Science and Technology 3
GELH1000 Chinese Language and Culture 3
GESB1000 Ethics, Values, Law and Society 3
Total Credits: 35

Year II

CISC1002 Discrete Structures 3
CISC2001 Computer Organization 3
CISC2002 Numerical Methods and Computation 3
CISC2003 Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures 3
CISC2005 Principles of Operating Systems 3
CISC2006 Algorithm Design and Analysis 3
MATH1001 Linear Algebra I 3
Languages & Skills*:  
EELC1003 Academic English 3
Community and Peer Education:  
CPED2000 Communication Skills and Leadership 1
General Education Courses:  
GEGA1000 Macao and Chinese Civilization 3
1 GE course (Area of Science and Technology area) 3
1 GE course (Area of Literature and Humanities) 3
1 Free Elective Course 3
Total Credits: 37

Year III

CISC3000 Introduction to Database Systems 3
CISC3001 Computer Networks 3
CISC3026 Software Engineering Principles 3
CISC3002 Mobile Application Programming     or 3
CISC3003 Web Programming  
General Education Courses:  
1 GE Course (Area of Society and Behaviour) 3
1 GE Course (Area of Global Awareness) 3
1 Free Elective Course 3
4 CS Required Elective Courses 12
Total Credits: 33

Year IV

CISC4000 Graduation Project 6
CISC4001 Professionalism and Ethics in Computer Science 3
STGC3000 Work-Integrated Education 3
2 Free Elective Courses 6
3 CS Required Elective Courses 9
Total Credits: 27
Grand Total:   132
CS Required Elective Course List (each course is 3 credits)**  
Stream A: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence  
CISC3005 Advanced Database Systems 3
CISC3012 Artificial Intelligence 3
CISC3014 Information Retrieval and Web Search 3
CISC3018 Cloud Computing and Big Data Systems 3
CISC3023 Machine Learning 3
CISC3024 Pattern Recognition 3
CISC3025 Natural Language Processing 3
Stream B: Multimedia Computing  
CISC3009 Computer Graphics 3
CISC3011 Digital Image Processing 3
CISC3016 Multimedia Computing 3
CISC3021 Multimedia Forensics and Security 3
CISC3024 Pattern Recognition 3
CISC3029 Computer Vision 3
Stream C: Software Engineering  
CISC2007 Human-Computer Interaction 3
CISC2008 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Patterns 3
CISC3010 Distributed Computer Systems 3
CISC3020 Formal Software Specification 3
CISC3022 Software Testing 3
CISC4002 Software Project Management 3
Other Electives:  
CISC2004 Compiler Construction 3
CISC3006 Computer Based Simulation 3
CISC3007 Formal Languages and Automata 3
CISC3015 Data and Information Visualization 3
CISC3017 Bioinformatics 3
CISC3019 Competition Programming and Problem Solving 3
CISC3027 Special Topics in Computer and Information Science 3
CISC4003 Information Security 3
CISC3028 Entrepreneurship in Computer Science 3


  • *Students who test out of some or all of the Languages course(s) are required to make up the credits by taking additional Free Elective(s).
  • **Students are required to take 4 courses from one of the Stream A, B or C, and 3 courses from outside that Stream or from Other Electives in the CS Required Elective Course list.