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Stream 1: Soft Computing
Lead Researcher
Dr. SI Yain Whar, Lawrence
Main research area: Business process management and decision support systems
Graduate Students (PhD)

Ms. WANG Yuqing, Ann. Thesis topic: Pattern Matching in Time Series

Graduate Students (MSc)

Mr. YUNG Weng Hong, Harold. Thesis topic: Execution Analysis of Business Processes

Mr. WANG Xu, Oliver. Thesis topic: Pattern Matching in Financial Time Series

Mr. ZHU Jiajun, Jim. Thesis topic: Pattern Matching in Financial Time Series

Ms. ZHENG Yuechu. Thesis topic: Pattern Matching in Financial Time Series

Mr. CHEONG Se Hang, Eric. Thesis topic: Mobile Ad hoc Network

Mr. LEONG In Fai, Felix. Thesis topic: Electronic Payment Systems

Alumni (former graduate students, MSc)

Mr. ZHANG Jianwen, Javon. (degree awarded 2015).

Ms. WANG Yuqing, Ann. (degree awarded 2015).

Mr. GONG Xueyuan. (degree awarded 2014).

Mr. HOI Kin Kuan, Neti. (degree awarded 2014).

Ms. XIONG Xiaoyu, Clare. (degree awarded 2013).

Ms. CHAN Veng Ian, Debby. (degree awarded 2011).

Mr. HO Kam Seng, Jacky. (degree awarded 2011).

Mr. CHEONG Tat Man, Harry. (degree awarded 2011).

Mr. YIN Jiangling. (degree awarded 2011).

Mr. LEONG Iok Fai, Henry. (degree awarded 2010).

Mr. LEONG Kan Ion, Brian. (degree awarded 2009).

Mr. CHAN Ka Leong. (degree awarded 2009).

Ms. LOU Sio Fan, Ada. Thesis topic: Strategies for Supply Chain Management Agents (degree awarded 2009).

Ms. PUN Ka I, Violet. Thesis topic: Business Process Simulation (degree awarded 2009).

Stream 2: Data Mining
Lead Researcher
Prof. Simon FONG
Main research area: Data mining and electronic commerce
Graduate Students (PhD)

Ms. Song Qun. Thesis topic: Metadesigns of metaheuristic Algorithms

Mr. Tang Rui. Thesis topic: Evolutionary Metaheurstic Algorithms

Mr. Gong Xueyuan. Thesis topic: Swarm-based Optimization for Sub-sequence Pattern Matching

Mr. Li Jinyan Leo. Thesis topic: Swarm-based Multi-objective Optimization for Data Mining

Graduate Students (MSc)

Ms. Yang Yao, Dorota. Thesis topic: Sensor Data Stream Mining

Mr. Liu Shuang. Thesis topic: GPU-enabled Data Mining Algorithms

Ms. Yuan Meng, Moon. Thesis topic: Studies of e-Business Models and Prospects in Macau

Ms. Ma Binbin. Thesis topic: Spam Recognition Using Incremental Data Stream Mining

Ms. Chen Xiaojun. Thesis topic: Influence Modeling on Social Media

Ms. Wang Dantong (Dana). Thesis topic: Real-time Decision Rules for Diabetes Therapy Management by Data Stream Mining

Mr. Ricardo Brito. Thesis topic: GPU-enabled Sensor Data Analysis

Ms. Liu Kexing, Peggy. Thesis topic: Data Analysis in Fund Transaction on Data Stream Mining

Ms. Wang Xi, Doris. Thesis topic: Swarm-based Optimization for Business Applications

Ms. Ren Ni. Thesis topic: Business Intelligence Using Rapidminer

Mr. Tian Zhonghuan, Neal. Thesis topic: Elephant Search Algorithm for Optimizing Neuro- Deep Learning

Mr. Ku Meng Hang, John. Thesis topic: Influence Modeling on Social Media

Ms. Jin Zhen, Ellie. Thesis topic: Stock Market Forecasting Using Sentiment Analysis

Mr. Fang Qian. Thesis topic: Multi-objective Optimization for Data Mining Algorithms Using Grid Search

Ms. Quzhiyan, Amanda. Thesis topic: Efficient Fitness Functions and Initization Process for Metaheuristics

Ms. Gao Hong, Elisa. Thesis topic: Optimized Swarm Search-based Feature Selection for Text Mining in Sentiment Analysis

Mr. Shawn Liu. Thesis topic: Metaheuristic Models Visualization

Mr. Pan Jiaqi, Jackie . Thesis topic: Normalization Functions in Selecting the Most Influential Factors in Stock Market Trading

Ms. Qiu Yining, Michelle. Thesis topic: Decision Rules Inference for Sentiment Analysis

Mr. Lin Yu Chu. Thesis topic: e-Government Performance Modeling and Evaluation

Mr. Fong Iat Hang, Calas. Thesis topic: Personalized Mash-up e-Services for Online Mass Media Delivery

Ms. Lam Mou Cheng (Liv). Thesis topic: Gaming Pattern Optimization and Analysis

Ms. Lin Yingying (May). Thesis topic: Data Stream Clustering for Purchase Coupon Marketing

Mr. Lao Kam Kin, Kim. Thesis topic: Temporal and Spatial Data Mining for Detecting Trends of Special Events

Mr. Ben Leung . Thesis topic: Gaming Strategies Simulation

Mr. Eric Ho. Thesis topic: Prediction System for Quality and Defect Management

Alumni (former graduate students, PhD)

Mr. Yang Hang. Thesis topic: Incrementally Optimized VFDT for Data Stream Mining

Alumni (former graduate students, MSc)

Mr. Luo Huilong (Seven). Thesis topic: Optimized Firefly Algorithm and Application

Mr. Justin Liang. Thesis topic: Fuzzy CCV Feature Selection

Mr. Li Jinyan, Leo. Thesis topic: Text Mining for Mood Detection

Mr. Han Dong. Thesis topic: Improving the Outlier Detection Algorithm from Multivariate Data Stream Mining

Ms. Song Qun. Thesis topic: Self-adaptive Wolf Search Algorithm

Mr. Wong Hon Kit, Ham. Thesis topic: Stock Market Prediction Using Variation-based Feature Clustering

Mr. Su Peng, Simon. Thesis topic: Prediction Analysis about Formaldehyde and TVOC in Indoor Environment

Ms. He Jiaying. Thesis topic: Detecting Earthquake Survivors by Digital Signal Processing and Beat Algorithm

Mr. Luo Ren Fei. Thesis topic: A Real-time Location-based Mobile Intelligent Advisor: Lemmings

Mr. Kyle Chong. Thesis topic: Hurst-Neuro Modeling for Financial Market Prediction

Mr. Lan Kun. Thesis topic: A Time-series Pre-processing Methodology with Statistical and Spectral Analysis for Voice Classification

Mr. Lu Kai Xian, Luke. Thesis topic: Rule Inference for Clinical Decision Support System

Mr. Wong Veng Fai, Ron. Thesis topic: Fuzzy-rough Nearest Neighbour Classification for Human Activity Sensor Data Mining

Mr. Rui Tang. Thesis topic: Wolf Search Algorithm for Solving High Dimensionality Problems in Data Mining

Mr. Zhang Yang. Thesis topic: Real-Time Clinical Decision Support System with Data Stream Mining

Mr. Luo Zhicong, Jason. Thesis topic: Multivariate Outlier Detection Methods in Incremental Data Mining

Mr. Jia Congmao, William. Thesis topic: Real-time Early Prediction of Trajectory of Projectile

Mr. Xu Jiahua. Thesis topic: Intrusion Detection and Predication with SVM and Linear Programming,

Mr. Zhou Nannan. Thesis topic: Rare Events Forecasting Using Extended GMDH Neural Network

Ms. Youme, Hoi Weng In. Thesis topic: Design of All-in-one Distributed e-Learning System (ADES) Using Ubiquitous Files

Ms. Yue Jing, Maya. Thesis topic: Quantitative Analysis of Trust Factors on Online Social Network using Data Mining Approach

Mr. CHEONG Chi Po, Webster. Thesis topic: Efficient and Secure Card-based Payment System Based on ANSI X9.59-2006

Mr. HO Kai Man, Henry. Thesis topic: Comparative Analysis of Mobile Payment Model at Various Scenario in Macau

Ms. HO Yi Fong, Yvonne. Thesis topic: GA-Based Collaborative Filtering For Online Recommendation

Mr. LAI Kin Weng, Edison. Thesis topic: Mobile Mini-Payment Scheme Using SMS Credit

Mr. António LEONG. Thesis topic: Physical Access Control with Smart Intrusion Tracking and Hunting Agent Based on Smart Card Technology

Ms. LOU Wan Chan, Ivy. Thesis topic: A Hybrid Model of Tree Classifier and Neural Network for University Admission Recommender System

Mr. YAN Peng Fan, Francis. Thesis topic: Detecting Suspicious Access Patterns in Secure Physical Environment

Stream 3: Information Visualisation
Lead Researcher
Robert P.
Dr. Robert P. BIUK-AGHAI
Main research area: Information visualisation applied to collaboration systems
Graduate Students (MSc)

Mr. YANG Muye. Thesis topic: Visualization of Hierarchical Data Based on Liquid Modelling

Mr. CHAN Hoi Kei, Jacky. Thesis topic: Spatio-Temporal Information Visualization of Source Code Repositories

Alumni (former graduate students, MSc)

Mr. Miguel Gomes da COSTA Jr. Thesis topic: Enriching Media Usage in Wikis by Exploiting Inter-lingual Link Structure (degree awarded 2015)

Mr. NG Ka Kit. Thesis topic: Automatic Literature Classification (degree awarded 2015)

Mr. CHEANG Kueng Chon, Roy. Thesis topic: Improving Inter-Language Links between Different Languages of Wikipedia (degree awarded 2015)

Mr. CHAN Chi Kit, Roy. Thesis topic: Wikipedia Recent Changes Information Visualization (degree awarded 2015)

Mr. CHEANG Hon Hou, Felix. Thesis topic: Wikipedia Category Visualization Using Radial Layout (degree awarded 2014)

Mr. FONG Kin Fong, Peter. Thesis topic: Analyzing and Summarizing User Contributions in Wikis (degree awarded 2013)

Mr. Lai Ka Chon, Ray. Thesis topic: Constructing Social Networks Based on Image Analysis (degree awarded 2012)

Mr. PANG Cheong Iao, Patrick. Thesis topic: Map-like Wiki Category Visualization (degree awarded 2011)

Mr. LEI Keng Hong, Kin. Thesis topic: Bridging Synchronous and Asynchronous Systems: Wiki-IM Integration (degree awarded 2009)

Ms. TANG Veng Sam, Libby. Thesis topic: An Efficient Method for Measuring Co-authorship Relationships in Wikis (degree awarded 2009)

Ms. CHAN Iok Sam, Kitty. Thesis topic: A Meta-model Design of a Highly Customizable Workspace Collaboration System (degree awarded 2009)

Mr. CHEANG Koc Wai, Louie. Thesis topic: Extracting Usage Patterns from Collaboration Systems (degree awarded 2007)

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