03 Aug 2017
Computer and Information Science students won a Silver Award at the 12th Pan-Pearl River Delta (Panprd) IT Project Competition 2017

A team comprised of 3 undergraduate students from the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS): Ka Hei Leong, Ka Chon Leong, and Pui On Kuan, has recently won a silver award at the 12th Pan-Pearl River Delta (Panprd) IT Project Competition 2017. Their awarded project “Indoor Positioning based on Earth's Magnetic Field” was developed under the supervision of Prof. Ryan Leong Hou U, Associate Professor of the Department.

Organized by the Guangdong Province Federation of Computers, the competition was one of the events in the celebration of Hong Kong SAR's 20th Anniversary. More than 1,400 Students from 18 cities and regions, including Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, etc., participated in the competition. The competition, which aims at inspiring students’ creativity and enhancing innovative thinking, has gained much prestige in the Pan-Pearl River Delta area and now extended its influence to more regions.

The awarded project, which has developed a fingerprint database (for data collection), a fingerprint alignment algorithm (for query processing), and an Augment Reality (AR) based mobile system (for demonstration), aims at how to use earth’s magnetic field for indoor positioning, an emerging technique in the area. In addition, tracking movement data can be used for people flow analysis and customized advertisement. The project is recognized for a silver prize at the competition. The award ceremony was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 3-5 July 2017. The contest was a good platform to show students’ technical capability and talent in information technology, which is an integral part of young people's lives.